We want to give them more chances to play outside their homes



We campaign to prevent the loss of playable space


We promote quality and choice in play provision


Play is a fun way to be active

We work to increase opportunities for children to play


About us

Play crusaders: promoters, defenders and deliverers of play opportunities for London’s kids – that’s us in a nutshell! But if you want answers to more of those pesky but vital existential questions about us: ‘Why are we here? How did we get here? Who are we, really? What exactly do we do?’, then read on.

Our people

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Like a perfectly oiled swing set, London Play’s staff and trustees work together in harmonious symmetry. Ahem.

Our purpose

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Play in London is under attack. London Play fights for children to have the space, time and freedom to play.

Our history

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With 15 years under our belt we’ve ridden a fair few swings, roundabouts and seesaws in the playgrounds of politics - and the politics of play.


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Is play a frivolous activity? We don't think so, and nor do our wise and generous funders.

Support us

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How you can help us get more children playing out in London

Contact us


If you want to get in touch - in person or otherwise - we'd love to hear from you.

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