We want to give them more chances to play outside their homes


Play is how children heal. They need to play now, more than ever. #playcatchup



We campaign to prevent the loss of playable space


Play is how children heal. They need to play now, more than ever. #playcatchup


We promote quality and choice in play provision


Play is how children heal. They need to play now, more than ever. #playcatchup


Play is a fun way to be active

We work to increase opportunities for children to play


Play is how children heal. They need to play now, more than ever. #playcatchup


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Children were badly hit by multiple lockdowns aimed at keeping the coronavirus pandemic in check - despite being least at risk from the disease itself. As the pandemic grinds on we must ensure that children's need and right to play is prioritised. Play has perhaps never been more important to help children cope with this strange new reality. Our monthly bulletin comes to you on the second Tuesday of the month and aims to help anyone with children in their lives navigate the uncharted waters ahead with news, tips and fun ideas.

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London Playwire January 2021

by Fiona on January 13, 2021

Happy new year? We're just guessing, but probably a new lockdown and back to homeschool wasn't quite how any of us hoped to turn the page on 2020. But we're not going to spend time fretting about things we have no control over! And of course, it is imperative that we keep things playful. So here's a short and sweet Playwire to ease us all in, with a bit of information, inspiration and hopefully some moral support too as we all navigate the latest twists in this very twisty story. Read on - and hang in there! 











London Playwire November 2020

by Fiona on November 10, 2020

Lockdown 2.0 may be here but there are lots of lights on the horizon this month. First and foremost, playgrounds - and schools - remain open, which can only be good news for children.  Secondly, not one, but THREE of London's wonderful adventure playgrounds are celebrating award wins this month! Thirdly, Diwali is beckoning, and with it a host of creative and twinkly pursuits. And finally, there is talk of a possible vaccine. Not bad, all things considered. Read on for all this and much much more...


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London Playwire October 2020

by Fiona on October 13, 2020

Hello! How are we all doing out there? Hmmmm. Yep, the nights are drawing in. And the news is looking a bit on the grim side.  And yes, in normal times we'd be looking forward to Halloween and the great excuse it offers for amping up the playfulness and building community spirit. Times may not be normal but don't despair! Read on. 

Playwire NotSoWeekly: Tues 08 September

by Fiona on September 08, 2020

Hello! We reckon it's a fair assumption that there are lots of mixed feelings out there this week. Children back at school. Traffic building. Cases rising. Summer memories fading.  Autumn arriving. Yep, all that. Children will be feeling it too. And how best will they manage all this uncertainty? Playing, of course

Playwire NotSoWeekly: Tuesday 25 August

by Fiona on August 25, 2020

So the summer holidays are drawing to a close and we have to say 'hats off' to London's endlessly resourceful, creative and adaptable adventure playgrounds for making the magic happen for children this summer. Kudos too to all the parents and carers who kept the spirit of play alive for their children through this most unusual of summers. 

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