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Hounslow Play Streets

From July 2016, London Play will be working with Hounslow residents to open their streets for play and in the process, build stronger, happier neighbourhoods.

Building on the success of our 2014 pilot, this year-long initiative will see London Play working with Hounslow's Community Partnerships Unit and local residents to launch at least eight regular play streets in the borough. The project will target some of the less affluent areas in Hounslow, with an initial focus on the Hanworth Park and Heston West wards. 

We will support some of the volunteers on the first play streets to become 'play street champions, actively promoting play streets and encouraging others in the borough to establish and/or become involved with them. Eventually the champions will become the first point of contact for fellow Hounslow residents wanting to establish a play street. 

Hounslow residents who are keen to be involved in this wonderful community-building project should get in touch with Barry O'Donovan, London Play's Hounslow community worker via



London Borough of Hounslow play streets page

Here's the report about London Play's 2014 pilot project. 

And here's a link to the Hounslow Hub page about this project. 



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