We want to give them more chances to play outside their homes



We campaign to prevent the loss of playable space


We promote quality and choice in play provision


Play is a fun way to be active

We work to increase opportunities for children to play

Support us

Thank you for your interest in suppporting us. We are a small charity and will be incredibly grateful for any help that you are able to give. However, we will be especially thankful if you choose to make regular financial contributions!

Here are some ways that you can help us give children in London more opportunities to play.

Donate to us

A single donation will help us with our work today; a regular donation will help us plan for the future. There are a number of ways that you can donate:

* Gift Aid: With any of the above methods of donation, if you download and fill in the donation form below and fill in the Gift Aid Declaration, every pound you donate is worth 25p more to us, at no extra cost to you. 

Become a member or a supporter of London Play

There are a range of benefits to you for becoming a member or supporter of London Play - and you will be helping us demonstrate our value to potential and existing funders as a powerful voice for play in London. Contact us to join. 

Become a member (£10/year)

Become a supporter (free)

Become a corporate supporter (£80/year or £400 lifetime)

Nominate us as your employer's charity of the year

Recommending London Play as your employer's Charity of the Year would not only significantly help our funding, but would also help us raise awareness about the importance of play.

Leave London Play a gift in your will

Remembering London Play in your will could allow a future generation to benefit from the space and freedom you enjoyed in your youth.

More information on leaving a legacy in your will can be found here:


If you would rather give your time to support us, we have opportunities available for individuals or groups.

Call us on 0203 384 8510 or email


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