We want to give them more chances to play outside their homes



We campaign to prevent the loss of playable space


We promote quality and choice in play provision


Play is a fun way to be active

We work to increase opportunities for children to play

Child's Play in the Urban Environment

Starts at: November 06, 2017 20:00
Ends at: November 07, 2017 22:00

Mon 6/Tues 7 November 2017
Goldsmiths University
London SE14

Children's play in the urban environment

Child in the City International Seminars is a rolling programme of focused events, each bringing together practitioners, researchers and policymakers from different relevant fields around a specific theme of the child-friendly city agenda. This seminar will bring together children’s professionals, play workers, city planners, landscape architects, geographers and policymakers, along with researchers, academics and advocates.

More information and booking is here.


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