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Taking Nature to the Street (page 1 of 1)

In Deptford, children are begging their parents to go to school – on a Saturday! But who can blame them, when the school in question is abandoned and features a hidden, wild nature garden? Where they can help build a treehouse, cook over an open fire or wade in a pond? This is just one of many magical opportunities opened up for children through this Social Action Fund project, where we are helping volunteers across London reactivate their communities through play in all its forms.


More than mud to Mudpies etc

by Fiona on September 25, 2013

Winter 2012: Once again the nature garden on the site of the old Tidemill primary school is full of the sounds of children playing, excitedly rediscovering secret paths and hidden dens. In partnership with local community group Assembly SE8 the latest Mud Pies etc. initiative in Lewisham has really gained momentum, becoming an inspirational environment where children look forward to spending their Sunday afternoons.

Play in a box at Mudchute Farm

by Fiona on September 25, 2013

Summer 2012: we started to work together with Mudchute City Farm based in Tower Hamlets to support both volunteering and play on their vast outdoor site. During their large inter-generational community event themed around traditional street play and the 1940’s we delivered a variety of activities using loose objects from our Play in a Box kits (pictured)

Fortunes made and fortunes told

by Fiona on September 25, 2013

July 2012: Another partnership during the same period was established with the Friends of Fortune Street Park in Islington where we supported the delivering of outdoor play opportunities in their local open space. The aim was utilise the natural elements of the open space, and through the use of low cost, simple everyday objects we wanted to provide a stimulating play environment for local children and young people. The teepee building was a great success and highlighted the simple enjoyments of creating something from nothing.

Mud on the high street in Tottenham

by Fiona on September 25, 2013

Spring 2012: London Play and Haringey Play Association launched the first ‘Mudpies etc.' pop up play shop on Tottenham High Road on Monday 20 August, offering local children and families a welcoming space to drop in, relax, play and let their imaginations loose in a creative environment. The sessions are free and offer all types of play with a special emphasis on the use of recycled and natural play materials.

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