We want to give them more chances to play outside their homes



We campaign to prevent the loss of playable space


We promote quality and choice in play provision


Play is a fun way to be active

We work to increase opportunities for children to play


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We like to have the odd rant on the radio to get the message out to the masses - and anyone influential who might be listening - about how important play is. Sometimes we even get in the papers or go on TV! See and hear what we've had to say lately in the public arena here.


Banned from learning to ride her bike?

by Fiona on August 29, 2013

29 August 2013 I BBC London 94.9FM

A housing association has moved to prevent a woman from teaching her granddaughter how to ride a bike in the road outside her house.

Talking play streets on BBC London 94.9FM

by Fiona on August 22, 2013

22 August 2013 I BBC London Radio

London Play's Paul Hocker having a good old chin wag about play streets with Jeni Barnett on BBC London 94.9FM. 


London councils to promote street play

by Fiona on July 27, 2013

27 July 2013 I BBC London television news

Keeping children safe while playing outdoors is a concerned for all parents. Now, councils across London are planning temporary road closures to allow children to play outside their homes in a safe environment.

BBC London reporter Warren Nettleford went to Lambeth to find out how the scheme is working there.

Click here for the news clip. London Play's Paul Hocker is at 1m28s.



Staffed play provision missing from childcare plans

by Fiona on July 26, 2013

26 July 2013 I Children and Young People Now magazine

The government's childcare plans ignore the importance of staffed after-school play provision, experts have warned. 

It's all go at Mudchute

by Fiona on June 24, 2013


24 June 2013 I East End Life

Thrill seekers from across London converged at Mudchute Farm on the Isle of Dogs for a racing event with a difference.

Go Kart kids in Mudchute Farm battle

by Fiona on June 18, 2013

18 June 2013 I East London Advertiser

It wasn’t exactly Formula 1 when teams of youngsters turned up for Sunday’s Go-Kart Big Race at Mudchute Farm on the Isle of Dogs. But it was fun, nailing their carts together then racing them down the muddy slopes behind the horse stables

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