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Here's the lowdown on what's happening right now with play in London... along with news from beyond the M25 that might affect how, where and how often children play within its confines. If you want news relating to London Play, choose from the menu on the left.


East End playground, West End award

by Fiona on October 27, 2016

27 October 2016

Roman Road today won the prestigious title of London's Adventure Playground of the Year at a high octane event in the West End

Deptford ain't havin' it!

by Fiona on October 14, 2016

13 October 2016

LEWISHAM: The Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden - an oasis for play, nature and community in the heart of Deptford - has won a last-minute reprieve from developers.

Play streets solution for integration

by Fiona on October 06, 2016

06 October 2016 

The power of play streets to bring people of differing ethnicities, ages and educational backgrounds together has been highlighted in a major report. 

Fantasy play boosts creativity

by Fiona on September 16, 2016

15 September 2016 

UK: A study suggests that engaging in fantasy play could benefit creative thinking in children.

Children biggest victims of parks decline

by Fiona on September 07, 2016

07 September 2016

The biggest users of public parks - children and their families - are bearing the brunt of cuts to public spending as funding for parks continues to decline.

Will a whale help this playground sail?

by Fiona on August 31, 2016

01 September 2016

HARINGEY: A play structure built by children at Somerford Grove Adventure Playground has been launched as the future of the playground itself hangs in the balance.

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