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Here's the lowdown on what's happening right now with play in London... along with news from beyond the M25 that might affect how, where and how often children play within its confines. If you want news relating to London Play, choose from the menu on the left.


Nuisance orders defeated

by Fiona on January 09, 2014

10 January 2014

In a victory for any child that has ever, or will ever, play noisily in the street, an attempt by Home Office ministers to expand the definition of antisocial behaviour to include anything which causes 'nuisance or annoyance' has been defeated in the House of Lords. 

Play services decimated

by Fiona on January 08, 2014

08 Jan 2014 I Children & Young People Now

Nearly a third of local authorities in England have closed play facilities as a result of spending on play services over the past three years being slashed by 39 per cent, an investigation by CYP Now has revealed. 


Haringey to play in the streets

by Fiona on January 05, 2014

05 January 2014

Haringey has rounded off a top year for play streets in the capital by becoming the latest borough to roll out a scheme.

Highbury children play safely in street

by Fiona on December 16, 2013

16 Dec 2014 I Islington Gazette

Canning Road in Highbury was shut down on Sunday December 8 for one of the borough’s first “Pop Out and Play” days put on in the local community.


Shakespeare Walks away with top award

by Fiona on November 04, 2013

04 Nov 2013 I London Play

Hackney confirmed its status as one of London’s top boroughs for play on Friday...

Kids in London more connected to nature

by Fiona on October 17, 2013

16 October 2013

Although four in five children in the UK are not adequately connected to nature, London's children in fact have a stronger connection than those in Wales.

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