We want to give them more chances to play outside their homes



We campaign to prevent the loss of playable space


We promote quality and choice in play provision


Play is a fun way to be active

We work to increase opportunities for children to play

Play street organisers

Where: your street

When: you decide

Benefits: healthy happy children, sociable happy neighbours

Local authorities across London are making it easier for residents to close their streets for a few hours each week or month so that children can play out, neighbours can get to know each other better and the world can become a better place ;)

London Play is one of several organisations being funded by the Department of Health to reactivate the culture of street play, giving today's children the same freedoms that their grandparents and parents had to play out on their doorsteps. 

If you or a group of neighbours would like to get this happening in your street, we can support you to do so.

Contact us for more information

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