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Access to Nature (page 1 of 2)

We’re putting in gnarly logs, a dragon here and there, climbable trees, boulders and other natural play features to tempt children and families into the natural environment and (re)discover the joy of being outdoors.  Emerging in four parks across north and east London thanks to this two year project funded by Natural England, they’ve inspired several community groups to approach London Play to help them work similar magic in their areas. It’s the natural play project that keeps on growing!


Tottenham park rebirth

by Fiona on September 25, 2013

September 2012: Play features provided by London Play as part of its Access to Nature project were given a thorough testing during the public event launching the £5m transformation of Haringey's Lordship Recreation Ground. Around 8,000 residents attended a community festival held on Saturday 22 September to mark the park's rebirth - and the refurbished zipwire and adventure play area as well as new stepping logs and a stone circle delivered by London Play were all in hot demand by excited local children.

Dragon lands in Walthamstow

by Fiona on August 13, 2013

Spring 2012: A two year project which aims to encourage more children and families to reconnect with the outdoors through play is outgrowing its original brief. The sight of major new nature playgrounds emerging in four parks across north and east London as part of London Play's Access to Nature project has inspired several community groups to approach the charity to see if similar magic can be worked in their areas. 

Play trees and picnics

by Fiona on August 13, 2013

February 2012: Following on from last summer's community engagement day at Beam Washlands where London Play introduced plans for a natural playscape to the local community, the first equipment has now been installed and is now well established as part of the landscape.

Green fingered fun in Broadwater Green

by Fiona on August 13, 2013

February 2012: Landscaping work has started on the Broadwater Green site in Thamesmead. Trees for Cities and London Play are working in partnership to create a new play-scape and plant new trees and plants in the park.

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