We want to give them more chances to play outside their homes


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We campaign to prevent the loss of playable space


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We promote quality and choice in play provision


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Play is a fun way to be active

We work to increase opportunities for children to play


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Staff team

We may look like a ragtag bunch of misfits but somehow the combination just works. Every ying has its yang: exuberance and restraint; brains and brawn; beauty and practicality all coexist in the London Play team.  And because many of us are part time, and the rest of us are out a lot, the vibe is fresh; we help each other out and tend to muck in when needed. 

Paul Hocker, director

Leading the London Play team and creative mastermind behind some of our best ideas, Paul’s proposals are irresistible to funders and keep the money coming in to ensure that more of London’s children can play out where they live. And if you want to know anything about play on the street in London, Paul is our very own walking Wikipedia. History? Check. Legislation? Check. Benefits? Check. Common challenges? Check. Try him, honestly it works. Email Paul

Chrissy Baxter, Play Works programme designer


Chrissy started her career in playwork, having cut her teeth In Waltham Forest and then at Markfield; and after a brief foray into health outreach has returend to her roots to take up the reigns of Play Works II. This will culminate in an online resource to help adventure playgrounds to demonstrate the social impacts they are making in their communities - and hopefully ensuring they stay around for generations to come. Email Chrissy

Max Mueller, natural play development worker

AKA ‘Mr Treehouse’, Max is keen to point out that he is not a hippy (not that there’s anything wrong with being a hippy of course)! What he is however is a towering presence in the world of natural and adventure play – designing, building and testing the most imaginative play structures you will find in London or indeed the country. But after more than 20 years in England, we have to ask, why hasn’t he still learned to make a decent cup of tea? Email Max

Fiona Sutherland, deputy director and head of comms

London Play’s resident wordsmith, chief tweeterer and source of witty one liners, Fiona is the scribe behind our website, Playwire newsletter and other communications and publications. She is currently working on a new book to rival the legendary Eskimo tome about snow:  “1001 ways to say ‘play’. She also job-shares with Catherine to deliver the London Play Streets project. Email Fiona

Catherine Togut, play streets & corporate partnerships

Once an aspiring children’s television presenter, Catherine is leading on developing our relationships with big-hearted and forward-thinking corporate organisations. She was responsible for running London Play's hugely successful Heritage Lottery funded projects and has a real skill for bringing different generations together around play and memories of it. She is also job-sharing with Fiona to deliver the London Play Streets projectEmail Catherine


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