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Girl Power - guaranteed!

by Fiona on March 08, 2019

08 March 2019 I London Play

As International Women’s Day is marked around the world today, charity London Play is gearing up for a celebration of girl power at the all London Girl Kart Grand Prix.

Teams of up to 8 young women and girls from anywhere in the capital are being invited to sign up and join the fun, building go karts – from scratch – and then racing them!

Thanks to the generous support of the Manufacturing Technologies Association, 12 teams of young women and girls from across the capital will gather in a field at Mudchute Farm next month, to be greeted by a pile of wood, wheels, some metal bits and a few tools. Some may never have even banged in a nail before; but they will all get the same four hours to build a go kart from scratch. Then, they will race!

There will be thrills, spills and excitement aplenty as participants compete for the winning prize; a day out at Buckmore Park Karting Track for a petrol-powered version of their lo-fi karting experience. The girls-only version of the mixed event (held in August) has become increasingly popular since its launch four years ago and has given hundreds of children from some of London’s most deprived communities the chance to expand their horizons.

London Play deputy director Fiona Sutherland says:
“The race definitely gets competitive! But what is most inspirational is the journey that the women engineers, mechanics and racing drivers of the future take over the space of the few hours prior to that. Some arrive never having even banged in a nail before – four hours later they have built a fully operational racing machine. Their confidence is sky high and they are talking about what to build next.”

MTA Education & Development Manager Mike Falconer says:
“MTA are keen to support girls into STEM careers by a variety of means. Events like Girl Kart are a good example of a grass-roots approach. By supporting causes like this we hope to change some of the misconceptions of the industry and prove that careers in manufacturing are for everyone.”

London Play is now inviting teams of up to 8 girls and young women to sign up for this exciting event, to be held on Thursday 11 April. More information can be found here.


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