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£13m for parks

by Fiona on February 22, 2019

21 February 2019 I API

£13m in funding for parks is welcome but does not go far enough to offset years of decline.

The Association of Play Industries (API), who uncovered the alarming decline in playgrounds in their Nowhere to Play report, has welcomed the £13m government pledge to help improve Britain’s parks.

Mark Hardy, Chair of the Association of Play Industries, comments: “We are delighted to see a commitment being made to support outdoor activity and specifically play. It is an important step in the right direction and recognition of the positive impact playgrounds have on millions of children’s lives, particularly those in deprived areas.

“However, whilst it is a welcome boost, the sheer extent of the decline in parks highlighted in the Mail on Sunday’s Save Our Parks campaign and in our Nowhere to Play research, means that a sustained commitment from government is needed to offset the impact of years of closures and neglect.”

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