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Play Works II is GO!!!

by Fiona on 2018-11-15 11:47:00 UTC

OK, so WE KNOW that adventure playgrounds are worth their weight in gold. But joining this programme will make sure that you can actually prove it!  AND get paid for your time. Apply now!

We are now seeking adventure playgrounds to join the supercharged Play Works II programme from January 2019.

Play Works is an exciting joint project between London Play and London-based adventure playgrounds, now entering its fourth year thanks to continued funding from City Bridge Trust.  Since 2015, the project has worked with staff in 12 of London’s 85 adventure playgrounds, across 10 boroughs. By supporting them to develop their own systems of monitoring and evaluation which are useable, fun and most importantly, work for adventure play staff, they are able to demonstrate the huge positive impact they have on the communities they serve. 

Equipped with hard evidence to show how adventure playgrounds deliver against social outcomes (for example by promoting community cohesion, tackling youth crime, anti-social behaviour or obesity, improving mental health), play workers can confidently show commissioners that funding play represents value for money in wider social benefit, with the aim of ensuring playgrounds survive to benefit future generations.

The next phase of the project, Play Works II, will provide training for managers of adventure playgrounds to embed effective monitoring and evaluation at a senior level. Group workshops, curated by London Play in response to the individual needs of each playground will be delivered by experts in the field. This training, coupled with follow up support from trainers and 1:1 mentoring from the Play Works II programme designer, builds on the workshops developed over the previous three years and will support senior managers to devise their own ambitious and creative strategic plans which consider their longer-term goals for change. This allows senior adventure playground managers to feel confident in putting together funding bids, thinking strategically about the impact of the work their adventure playground does and communicating this to funders and other stakeholders.

The tried and tested data collection and evaluation tools already developed in our online toolkit will be enhanced with online training modules with downloadable resources, podcasts, webinars and a whole host of other interactive fun stuff. This will allow the wider adventure play staff team to work through modules at their own pace and in their own space. 

Applications are now open for London-based adventure playgrounds to participate from January 2019! You can find out more by reading our FAQs - and filling out the application form, both downloadable below. Or get in touch with Play Works Programme Designer Chrissy Baxter via

Deadline for applications is 10 December 2018.


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    Play Works II application
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    Play Works II FAQs

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