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Killjoy Councillors to ban tree climbing

by Fiona on February 27, 2018

Friday 16 Feb 2018 I Standard

London borough of Wandsworth plans fines of up to £500 for climbing trees, flying kites or playing cricket in parks

It has always been seen as one of the most innocent of childhood pursuits, a rite-of-passage physical challenge fondly recalled in adult life.

But now killjoy councillors in London are threatening a clampdown on tree climbing in dozens of public parks - with the threat of a £500 fine to back it up.

Children in Wandsworth clambering up an oak or a maple without “reasonable excuse” will face the wrath of park police under a new set of rules governing behaviour in its 39 open spaces.

The south-west London borough is overhauling park rules for the first time in nearly a century, with the threat that anyone breaking them could be fined and ejected by police-style officials.

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