Friday 4 August, Mudchute Farm

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Go Kart charity warns of cuts to play

by Fiona on August 08, 2017

07 August 2017 I East London Advertiser

Children from deprived areas like east London could be “paying the price” of public spending cuts and lose opportunities to improve their lives.

That’s the stark warning from organisers of this year’s London kids’ go-kart ‘grand prix’ staged on the Isle of Dogs.

Youngsters from adventure playgrounds across London turned up at Mudchute Farm for the annual race that also teaches them basic engineering, aerodynamics and teamwork as well as how to have a fun day.

The annual event gets support from Canary Wharf volunteers—but the adventure playground movement is facing many places being closed down through lack of local council funding.

“It’s a short-sighted attempt to save money,” London Play charity’s deputy director Fiona Sutherland told the East London Advertiser. 

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