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Holidays come too soon for Haringey kids

by Fiona on July 17, 2017

17 July 2017 I London Play

HARINGEY: While their peers are counting down the days until holidays start, some kids in Haringey don't want the term to end.

And when you see their new playground – featuring an impressive climbable dragon, rope bridges, climbing nets and monkey bars – it's easy to understand why!

Friday saw the official opening of Campsbourne Primary School’s new adventurous nature-inspired playground, built by London Play. Parents and children attending the school’s end of term picnic had their first chance to explore the play area and the consensus was clear. Ramala, 10, summed it up: “As you can see, it’s absolutely amazing!”

Zara and Ken, both 10 said that they liked the tree house the best. Their friend Eric, also 10, commented that the old playground “didn’t have any rope bridges or anything… and you had to have tennis racquets to play in it.”

Matilda, 6, said of the old playground: “It was two things, and it wasn’t really fun. My favourite bit now is the monkey bars because I can go on them whenever it’s playtime.” Her friend Scarlett, 5 agreed. “It feels like I’m flying,” she said.

The school’s PTA raised the £64K needed to build the playground, which replaced worn out standard play equipment. London Play consulted children and parents at the school to come up with the design. Designer Max Mueller said: “The result is that the children really feel that this is their playground. You can see how their imaginations are being fired by the possibilities of this new space.”

“It’s a work of art,” added head teacher Jonathan Smith.  “We wanted a playground that’s exciting and where children can learn how to deal with a level of acceptable risk.


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