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Play Street Pointers

by Fiona on 2017-03-28 13:37:00 UTC

London Play's Play Street Pointers

These tip sheets for play street organisers will help keep things interesting, well-managed and fun. We hope you find them useful - but remember we are always at the end of a phone if you need any extra advice, support or just a chat - we've encountered most play street scenarios somewhere along the line.  

Watch out for further additions to the series too - and if you have any ideas for what to add, please let us know.  If you would like hard copy laminated versions of these please email us.


01 Low cost, high value play

Lots of people worry that they need to provide toys or play equipment for a successful play street. But often it is the cheapest and simplest materials or props that will capture children's imagination and get them playing the most. 

02 Making Play Streets for Everyone

Play streets are obviously great for children. But to thrive in the long term, they need to appeal to everyone on the street - from young professionals to older residents and everyone in between. How do you do that? Read on to find out.

03 Dealing with Common Challenges

Some people find the idea of children playing in their street worrying. Most are pleasantly surprised once they see a play street in action. But in the early stages of planning it can help to have some answers to common concerns and objections. 

04 Consulting your Neighbours

Consulting everyone on the street can feel a bit daunting if you don’t know many of your neighbours. But if you go with an open mind and plenty of information to hand, it is likely to be the beginning of a beautiful new relationship with your street and the people who live on it. 

05 Keeping it Going

Until we achieve play street nirvana - play streets need committed adults to keep them going. That can be a challenge - but is not impossible. Here's what we've learned about keeping it going.

06 Rainy Day Play

Rain is an inevitability on our small green island - but it shouldn't mean a stop to play. Read our tips on novel ideas for playing in the rain. 


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    PSP02 Making Play Streets for Everyone
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    PSP03 Dealing with Common Challenges
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    PSP04 Consulting your Neighbours
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    PSP05 Keeping it Going
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    PSP01 Low cost high value play
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    PSP06 Rainy Day Play

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