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Mudchute wacky go-karters

by Fiona on August 09, 2016

09 August 2016 I The Wharf

Estate agency JLL helped with the building and motorsport legend John Surtees CBE waved the flag at the All London Go-Kart Build And Race.

Hundreds of children got an adrenalin rush and an encounter with true greatness at the All London Go Kart Build and Race at Mudchute Park and Farm .

Motorsport legend John Surtees CBE waved the starting flag at the London Play event on the Isle of Dogs on Friday, August 5 and also handed out the prizes.

But before they could race the 16 teams of children were all given materials and tools and had the challenge of building their vehicles in just four hours.

Two teams got a helping hand from employees of estate agency JLL in Canary Wharf, which gave £600 towards sponsoring their go-karts.

Director Charlotte Malone said: “This is the third time we’ve supported London Play at this fun event.

“The work it does to tackle the exclusion of children from some activities due to financial circumstances is so important, giving them the much needed opportunity to get involved in something which they wouldn’t normally be able to.”

The Hackney Marsh Adventure Playground team were ultimately victorious in the final against Croydon’s CACFO Summer School with the Mudchute Farm team third and Camden’s Three Acres Play Centre fourth.

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