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It's electrifying

by Fiona on May 04, 2016

04 May 2016 I Hackney Today

Hackney girls tore up the tracks in a race to find the next 'fastest woman in the world'. 

The first ever London Girl Kart Grand Prix on 8 April was organised by charity London Play with support from Dare to be Different, a non-profit organisation set up by the former top women's racing car driver, Susie Wolff. London Play has been running a similar event for both sexes for four years, called Go Kart Build and Race. But communciations manager, Fiona Sutherland, said: "Sometimes we see the girls hanging back. We know that girls are more than capable of taking the driving seat and with this event there is nothing to stop them unleashing their technical, practical and creative talents, as well as their inner speed demons."

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