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Lewisham team win

by Fiona on April 14, 2016

13 April 2016 I Lewisham News Shopper

A team of Lewisham school girls built a go-kart from scratch and beat 12 other teams.

The team, called Kartelle, built their kart in just three hours and were presented with their prize by ex-racing driver Susie Wolff on Friday April 8. They won a trip to Buckmore Park Kart Circuit in Kent, where Formula One stars Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button started their careers.

Kartelle team leader Rachel said that one of the team, Teniola, had never used a saw before. "Her determination was incredible and she ended up making the main seat of the kart in the end!'”

Three teams from Lewisham took part, two from All Saints Primary School, in Blackheath Vale, and one group of friends from across the borough.

London Play chair Melian Mansfield commented: “It is fantastic to see young women and girls taking the lead and unleashing their practical, technical and creative talents – as well as their inner speed demons! It’s exciting to think that some of these girls might go on to think about a career in engineering."

London Play is a charity that aims to get children playing outside more often. They have been running the Go Kart Build and Race for three years but this was the first event aimed specifically at young girls.


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