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Lumpy Hill scoops award

by Fiona on November 03, 2015

02 Nov 2015 I Islington Gazette

Islington scooped top awards at the 2015 Adventure Play Awards last week

Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground in Holloway was named the Most Inventive Playground in the capital.

Organised by London Play, the awards took place at the Prince Charles Cinema in the West End, where around 120 children from across London came to watch films they had made about the places they play on the big screen.

Four of the borough’s council-run playgrounds took home prizes for Best Films and Fairbridge Road in Holloway was named Best Play Street.

Also competing with Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground in the Most Inventive category was the Three Corners Playground in Clerkenwell, which was shortlisted along with Lambeth’s Triangle Adventure Playground.

The judges said about Lumpy Hill: “One of the children at the playground called it the best in the world. And when it’s a place where you can make an old armchair into a racing machine or a cardboard box into a mansion, that’s surely true!”

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