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Where's London's best adventure playground?

by Fiona on October 28, 2015

28 October 2015 I Londonist

Today's little Londoners still have plenty of outdoor playgrounds and spaces in which to stretch their legs.

The London Adventure Play Awards celebrate this, by recognising outstanding playgrounds across the capital. This year's winners were announced today, with Hackney Marsh Adventure Playground winning the title of 2015 London Adventure Playground of the Year.

The playground, located next to Daubeney Fields, has plenty of ways for kids to get active, including wooden structures, tree houses, rope and tyre swings, a large sandpit and water feature, climbing beams and nets.

Life's about to get even better for little Hackney residents — the prize is  a new structure, designed and built by APEs Adventure Playground Engineers with the help of the children, and £500 worth of free materials.

In addition to the overall title, five other category prizes were awarded, with winners chosen by children from the 2014 winning playground at White City.

Lambeth’s Lollard Street Adventure Playground was named Coolest Place to Play, while Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground in Islington won the category for Inventiveness.

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