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Kart builders heading to Buckmore Park

by Fiona on September 28, 2015

27 August 2015 I Kent Sports News

Children from the charity ‘London Play’ will head to Buckmore Park on Tuesday after impressing on their own karts.

The group varying in ages from 6 to 16 years old recently won the prize donated by John Surtees of the famous Buckmore Park Kart Circuit, after successfully building and racing their own kart earlier this month.



Many of the children have never been out of central London; this prize experience will get them to witness some serious horsepower, with a session on a karting simulator, behind-the-scenes tour of the circuit and karting sessions in karts suitable for their ages.

John Surtees is keen to help inspire, educate and train young people with motorsport-related programmes in technology and engineering and was really impressed on how this winning team of from the London Play event, put their heads and hands together, to build and successfully race a go kart.

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