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Building community cohesion with play streets

by Fiona on August 20, 2015

Lessons from a pilot project in Hounslow 2014

July 2015 I London Play

Distances between class and ethnic groups in Hounslow have been reduced as a result of a six month project which put play onto the borough's streets. London Play was commissioned by London Borough of Hounslow to work with residents in some of its most disadvantaged areas and support them to stage street events and parties with a view to more regular play streets becoming established and stronger community relationships being forged. This independent evaluation states: "The London Play Hounslow pilot demonstrates the efficacy of the play street approach in building community cohesion. In poverty-stricken areas of the borough – estates marked by division, uncertainty, low morale and atomisation – the project brought local people together for a common purpose." Thanks to Barry O'Donovan for his hard work, dedication and perennial optimism, which led to this successful outcome. 

Download the report below. 


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    Hounslow play streets

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