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Campaigners vow to mobilise against play cuts

by Fiona on May 26, 2015

26 May 2015 I CYP Now magazine

A campaign group has launched to prevent further cuts to youth centres and adventure playgrounds across the capital.

A campaign group has launched to prevent further cuts to youth centres and adventure playgrounds across the capital, vowing to stand united in the face of any attempts to reduce funding.

The London Play & Youth Work Campaign, which officially launched today, aims to mobilise campaigners to protest when local cuts are planned.

It is being backed by play and youth sector organisations including London Play, Kids Company, Woodcraft Folk and Kids Adventure Play, as well as union Unite. Localised protest groups including Wandsworth Against Cuts have also joined the campaign.

Fiona Sutherland, policy and communications manager at London Play, explains that the idea of the campaign is to present a stronger voice when services are under threat.  She said: “The idea is that we unite together to oppose any attempts to put in place further cuts to youth centres and play. London has already been subject to some savage cuts in these areas and there are fears that there will be further cuts.”

Issues the group will campaign against include the introduction of charges for play facilities, as well as youth centre and adventure playground closures. Sutherland said that outsourcing of local authority play schemes is another area that the group will be monitoring.

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For the avoidance of confusion! London Play is not leading the London Play and Youth Work Campaign. However it is one of many supporters. For further information about the campaign email or visit the Unite website here.

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