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New weapon in fight for adventure play

by Fiona on March 25, 2015

26 March 2015 I London Play

London Play's new Play Works project will give adventure playgrounds more tools to make arguments for funding - backed by hard evidence.

We don’t want to see another London adventure playground close down. It is sadly too late for Brent’s Stonebridge Adventure Playground – but now we are pleased to announce new funding for a project which will equip playgrounds with tools we hope will help them avoid the same fate. 

London Play’s new Play Works project will give adventure playgrounds the tools to evidence and evaluate the social impact of what they do, enabling them to make arguments for funding backed by hard data.  This timely project will kick off this summer thanks to a £138,000 grant from the City of London Corporation’s charity, City Bridge Trust. It will see London Play work with 12 adventure playgrounds and other play projects across London over the next three years.


Read the full press release here or download below.

If you think that your adventure playground could benefit from getting involved in this exciting project, please register your interest by emailing



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    Play Works press release

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