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Street closed for Roxwell Road to play

by Fiona on November 21, 2014

20 November 2014 I Your H&F

Remember the days when you could play in the street because there were so few cars around?


Well they’ve stepped back in time in Roxwell Road, Shepherds Bush, and reclaimed the tarmac for children’s games – from hopscotch to street football, hide and seek to chalk drawing.

Backed by Hammersmith & Fulham Council, which granted permission for a street play closure for the first time, the residents blocked off both ends of their road for two hours on a Sunday afternoon… and everyone had so much fun they want to do it again.

Resident Daniel Goddard applied to temporarily turn the road into a ‘play street’ after being steered towards the London Play website, and its campaign to encourage people to apply for temporary play street orders.

“Our road’s a perfect one to shut; my kids play on the pavement already, so it seemed like a natural progression,” he explained.

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