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This man wants you partying on the street

by Fiona on May 20, 2014

19 May 2014 I getwestlondon

It might be time to start unravelling your bunting because London Play's Barry Donovan wants to make street parties a more regular occurence in Hounslow.

Barry O'Donovan, of London Play, has been touring Hounslow borough on his bike speaking to residents and trying to encourage them to hold street parties and street play events. 

Everyone loves a street party but too often we wait years for a good excuse, like the Queen’s jubilee or the Olympics. This man is on a mission to change that and help you reclaim the streets of Hounslow from cars on a more regular basis.

Barry O’Donovan works part time for London Play, which campaigns for more play space for children across the capital. He wants a return to the days when children could let their imaginations run wild in the streets and play freely without fear of cars.

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