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Lottery boost for Islington play streets

by Fiona on March 07, 2014

07 March 2014 I Islington Tribune

ISLINGTON'S vibrant past will be brought to life thanks to a £192,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund that will fund three diverse projects.

One will transport residents back to the days before "stranger danger" and busy traffic, when play streets were a huge part of children's lives.

Championed by London Play – a group devoted to promoting outdoor play - children will work with older residents from six London streets including Islington's Canning Road, to find out what life was like for youngsters of the past. The cross-generational project, worth £56,800, will eventually form an exhibition at the Museum of London.

Play Development manager Paul Hocker said: “A play street is a space outside children's front doors that is closed temporarily so that they can go outside and be active. The project is about linking the modern play streets thats are being introduced in half of London's boroughs, with the history of the forgotten play streets of the fifties and sixties – there were 200 of them in their peak. We want to bring the two eras together and rediscover some of the games that have been lost in the last 20 years.”

A video artist will work with each of the six roads to develop a film charting its history, which will then be projected onto a house for an exciting end to the summer's street parties.

For information about the other two Heritage Lottery funded projects and the full article click here to go to the Islington Tribune's website.

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