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Streets alive with the sound of children

by Fiona on February 22, 2014

22 Feb 2013 I Telegraph

Dozens of roads are now being closed to traffic for up to three hours a week as part of a nationwide drive to bring back 'play streets'.....

......Following their resurgence, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has now awarded a £58,000 grant to a project designed to tell the history of play streets.

The money has been given to London Play – a charity which works to improve play for children in the capital. It will work with the Museum of London to tell the story of six “play streets” in the capital. Young people and their parents will interview older residents about their childhood memories and playing in the street. The information will then be used to form part of an exhibition, due to open later this year.

Paul Hocker, development manager at London Play, said: “Play streets were introduced originally amid fears over road safety and child fatalities - now it is over childhood obesity. Children are leading more passive sedentary lives, staring at screens more. Play is a great way of getting children exercising without knowing it.”

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