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Mayor backs adventure play

by Fiona in Latest play news on February 07, 2019

7 Feb 2019 I London Play

LONDON: Leading insurer Zurich has promised to review its decision to withdraw insurance cover from two of the capital's adventure playgrounds.


Insurers must stand behind children

by Fiona in London Play press releases on February 04, 2019

04 Feb 2019 I London Play

ENGLAND: Some 88 per cent of adventure playgrounds have not made an insurance claim in the past three years. So why is a leading insurer withdrawing cover?


2019 Girl Kart Grand Prix

January 21, 2019

11 April 2019
Mudchute Farm

Team5racing_lollard_st_web_portrait_view Coming this spring - register your interest now!


Playgrounds 'too risky' to insure

by Fiona in London Play in the news on February 06, 2019

04 Feb 2019 I Nursery World

Concerns have been raised over the future of adventure playgrounds after a leading insurer took the decision to withdraw cover from some playgrounds.


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