Shocking? More London lives are shortened by pollution

What's the solution?



Yet we are still driving our children to and from school. Poisoning them

What's the solution?


We want to create traffic exclusion zones around schools, morning and afternoon


No cars, cleaner air and space to play at the start and end of the school day


Jobs & training

Jobs in play


Most people work and then play. Or work to play. But if you are one of the lucky ones whose work IS play, find the latest vacancies here.

Jobs at London Play


We are a small, lean team and working at London Play is brilliant. So vacancies are rare - but when they do come up, you'll find them here.

Training for play


Whether you are a professional playworker or a volunteer, whether you want to upskill or reskill, here's the place to look for training opportunties.

Volunteer opportunities


Volunteers are vital in the drive to expand opportunities for children to play across London. Here are the latest volunteer roles in play.

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