Shocking? More London lives are shortened by pollution

What's the solution?



Yet we are still driving our children to and from school. Poisoning them

What's the solution?


We want to create traffic exclusion zones around schools, morning and afternoon


No cars, cleaner air and space to play at the start and end of the school day


Find a place to play

We've teamed up with City Bridge Trust to bring you this map, where you can find places to play near you including London's 80 or so free, staffed adventure playgrounds. You can also search for play providers - organisations, playgrounds or play streets - by keyword or (borough) location here

Find somewhere to play near you - enter your location, a key word or click on the map to find adventure playgrounds, other playgrounds, parks and other green spaces to play in London. 

If you want to find an organisation which provides, promotes or supports play, click here

If you work for, with or know of an organisation which you think should be listed, tell us and we can add it!

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